Experience and study Toni Morrison's novel, HOME

  • August 14, 21, and 28, 2018
  • 7:00pm - 8:30pm
  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Brevard, NC

Empathy HOME cover.JPGJoin educator Bill Moore for an opportunity to seek increased inter-racial and inter-gender understanding through a shared reading experience.  Bill's suggestion is that, for African-Americans, this brilliantly artistic but often emotionally wrenching story will encourage a sense of community heritage, strength, and values; for non-African-Americans, it may open a possibility for something like empathy with unfamiliar experiences of African-Americans, even if those readers' lives have led to few direct involvements outside their own communities.  The course is free.  Attendees will need to purchase the novel ($10-$18) on their own and Bill would be pleased to help find copies if needed.

Bill can be contacted at srwhmoore@comporium.net or 828-384-0526 or 828-877-6621


Brevard Music Center is proud to be participating in the Project Empathy "Voices of Justice Program" this coming summer. Bernstein's career was completely interwoven with a fight for social justice. Read more: https://psmag.com/social-justice/somewhere-a-place-for-us


Voices of Justice Series, Summer 2018

Empathy voices of justice series 2.JPG


Imagine what a more empathetic and compassionate community might look like.

Project Empathy exists to:

  • Respect our differences and support ways to build bridges to connect us
  • Promote opportunities for sharing life experiences and perspectives and celebrating our uniqueness
  • Be a model of inclusivity
  • Understand our shared humanity and work toward a greater sense of belonging and respect
  • Raise community awareness and understanding of empathy
  • Encourage collaboration, innovation and problem-solving
  • Foster and promote opportunities for educational and occupational enrichment




Time To Talk: About Guns Handout

Time To Talk: About Guns Event Audio Recording






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The Transylvania County Planning & Community Development Department is pleased to support citizen-led Project Empathy and post their information to this website.