Restrictions are placed on what type of development can be done in the 100-year flood plain and allows for no development in the floodway, protecting neighbors upstream from backed up waters and neighbors downstream from excess floodwaters and debris. 

The County administers the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinances for county residents, the Town of Rosman, and Agricultural Designated Properties within the City of Brevard's Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).

The Flood Damage Prevention Ordinances are in place to:

  • minimize the effects of flooding on citizens and their neighbors
  • ensure availability of flood insurance access through FEMA - improper administration puts citizens' access to FEMA flood insurance at risk

FRIS (Flood Risk Information System) is the on-line resource to view the official North Carolina Flood Maps.  Or you may choose the Transylvania County GIS link to see the location and jurisdiction of your property, making sure that you have selected the "Flood" layer.


Transylvania County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Transylvania County Floodplain Development Permit Form


Town of Rosman Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Town of Rosman Floodplain Development Permit Form