Chapter 10




*             State Law References: Authority as to libraries, G.S. 153A-261 et seq.



Sec. 10-1. Policy statement on providing library system.


The county hereby establishes, agrees to operate and support the library and the public library system and to this end will endeavor to:


            (1)        Set apart lands and buildings for the public library system;


            (2)        Provide, acquire, construct, equip, operate and maintain the current library building in addition to any other buildings owned by the county to be used for library purposes;


            (3)        Acquire library materials by purchase, exchange, bequest, gift or any other lawful method;


            (4)        Appropriate funds annually to carry out the provisions of this chapter;


            (5)        Accept any gift, grant, lease, loan, exchange, bequest, or devise of real or personal property for a public library system. Devices, bequests, grants, and gifts may be accepted and held subject to any term or condition that may be imposed by the grantor or trustor, except that the county may not accept or administer any term or condition that requires it to discriminate among its citizens on the basis of race, sex, or religion;


            (6)        Provide administrative support through the county manager, county attorney, and county finance officer whenever called upon and whenever it is determined to be in the best interest of the county library;


            (7)        Provide financial assistance through the county finance office, i.e. payroll, financial reports, routine reports to state retirement system, etc. The library will be considered a department of county government and will be entitled to the same support activities as other county departments;


            (8)        Provide for the classification of positions of library employees and the maintenance thereof. As in the case of all county employees, library personnel will be entitled to all benefits afforded by the county to its employees. These shall include longevity pay, consideration for merit pay, various leave benefits, and all other benefits as set forth in county personnel policies and procedures, as amended from time to time;


            (9)        Maintain all trust funds, building funds, memorial funds and other gifts which shall be made to the county for library purposes; said funds will be invested at the highest rate of interest, said interest to be credited to that fund if specified; such funds shall be used expressly for the purpose for which they shall be established;


            (10)      Provide for the maintenance and repair of the library buildings and grounds. The county housekeeping staff will be made available to the county librarian to perform housekeeping duties as is provided for all other county buildings.

(Ord. of 6-28-82(1))


Sec. 10-2. Free use of library.


Any resident of the county is entitled to the free use of the library, subject only to the rules and regulations established to operate same.

(Ord. of 6-28-82(1))


Sec. 10-3. Board of trustees--Composition; appointment; term; removal.


There is hereby established the Transylvania County Library Board of Trustees which shall be composed of six (6) members, whose terms shall be for three (3) years after the initial terms as specified below; the initial terms shall be as follows:


            (1)        Two (2) for three-year terms


            (2)        Two (2) for two-year terms


            (3)        Two (2) for one-year terms


The board of commissioners shall appoint and reappoint members as vacancies occur. The board of commissioners may remove a trustee at any time for incapacity, unfitness, misconduct or neglect of duty.

(Ord. of 6-28-82(1))

                State Law References: Board of trustees, G.S. 153A-265 et seq.


Sec. 10-4. Same--Powers and duties.


The board of trustees is hereby delegated and granted the following powers and duties:


            (1)        The power and authority to elect one (1) of the trustees as chairman;


            (2)        To formulate programs, policies, and regulations for the government of the library and to recommend passage of said programs, policies and regulations by the county;


            (3)        To supervise and care for the facilities of the library system;


            (4)        To recommend to the county persons for positions in the library system, such as chief librarian and other employees;


            (5)        To establish a schedule of fines and charges for late return of, failure to return, damage to, and loss of library materials, and to take other measures to protect and regulate the use of such materials;


            (6)        To participate in preparing the annual budget for the library system and assist in presenting same to the county;


            (7)        To otherwise advise the board of commissioners on library matters;


            (8)        To make an annual report on the operations of the library to the board of commissioners and make an annual report to the Department of Cultural Resources as required by G.S. 125-5;


            (9)        To instruct the county librarian to furnish monthly reports to county administration, as is required of other county agencies; to cooperate fully in providing necessary financial information, reports and funds to county finance department to facilitate adherence to the "Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act," which provides for the administration of all county funds by the county finance officer.

(Ord. of 6-28-82(1))

                State Law References: Similar provisions, G.S. 153A-266.