Transylvania County Courthouse
Posted by Transylvania County on February 22, 2018

Transylvania County Government releases today a new website dedicated to consolidating all information related to the recent decision to construct a new courthouse facility on Morris Road in Brevard, North Carolina.

In the interest of transparency and proactive communication with the public, this new webpage compiles all minutes and officially commissioned studies and reports related to the decision to construct a new courthouse. Transylvania County Government is committed to provide interested citizens an opportunity to review a complete timeline of information. Given the length of this discussion over many years, this timeline begins in May 2005.

“It is the intent of the Board of County Commissioners to be accountable and transparent to our citizens and this collection of the important facts of the courthouse project fulfills that promise,” said Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners Larry Chapman. “This adds important context to the Board’s unanimous decision to construct a facility that addresses all long term security, ease of access and efficiency concerns with the current courthouse in downtown Brevard.”

Citizens may view this new webpage by navigating to the Transylvania County Courthouse Project webpage ( or by clicking the “Courthouse Project” quick link button on the main Transylvania County website. Any questions about the information can be addressed to a new e-mail address associated with this page: