Interested in reviewing the court order issued in Graham County, NC discussed at the March 26th, 2018 meeting of the Transylvania County Board of County Commissioners? Please click here.

On November 14th, 2017, the Transylvania County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to pursue the construction of a new three-story courthouse on Morris Road in Brevard, North Carolina. This decision was the end of a process of study and careful consideration that has been a topic of debate in amongst Commissioners for over twelve years. This website will offer updates on the project as it proceeds as well as assemble for public review all previous deliberations of the County Commission regarding the expansion of court facilities in Transylvania County and related documents. In the quick links across the top of this page, you will find a link to the decision matrix, which listed the pros and cons of each possible decision and a compilation of frequently asked questions for your review.

At their June 25th, 2018 regular meeting, the Board of County Commissioners voted to suspend all further work on the courthouse project until further notice. 

For a brief history of this decision, please see the following links which outline major decisions undertaken by the Transylvania County Board of Commissioners regarding the Transylvania County Courthouse:

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