Goal #1

The local economy has a more diversified tax base, an increase in living wage jobs and has more stability. The community has capitalized on the unique quality of life and environment unique to the area.

Strategy 1A:
Provide coordinated customer service across the development process from planning, building and environmental health to make personal and business investment a positive experience.

Strategy 1B:
Plan, advocate and provide for infrastructure to support economic development and to make the community a desirable place to live and work.

Strategy 1C:
Protect the community sense of place by balancing growth and maintaining high levels of community social infrastructure like parks, quality education, tourism, etc.


The educational environment facilities learning and students are being prepared for a successful future. There are more available resources for enhancing education for all ages.

Strategy 2A:
Provide resources to support quality educational opportunities with a standard of excellence.

Strategy 2B:
Provide support resources that eliminate barriers to receiving education.


The community has vibrant nodes of economic and civic activity that create a draw for tourism as well as a platform for community engagement.

Strategy 3A:
Support infrastructure that facilitates the visitor's unique experience of our community and encourages them to visit again.

Strategy 3B:
Support community involvement in civic activities across demographics and geographies.

Strategy 3C:
Protect and preserve cultural heritage and promote arts in the community.


The wealth of natural resources in Transylvania County have been well managed and maintained to support the local economy and quality of life with plans in place to assure sustainability.

Strategy 4A:
Protect and preserve natural resources with long term management plans including water, air and forest resources to insure long term sustainability.

Strategy 4B:
Educate the public on environmental concerns and best practices.


The community's quality of life includes resources that promote health, transportation connectivity, a sense of place, cultural heritage and public safety.

Strategy 5A:
Provide framework for Prevention, Response, and Recovery for individual and community wide emergencies in Transylvania County.

Strategy 5B:
Provide resources, infrastructure and services that improve public health, mental health, wellness and safety to insure a vibrant community.

Strategy 5C:
Preserve and educate about cultural heritage of the community.

Strategy 5D:
Partner with existing agencies on community needs.


County government is service driven, transparent and performance based with more active and engaged citizens.

Strategy 6A:
Provide facilities that allow for efficient service delivery to the public while creating a secure, inviting and customer friendly environment for customers and citizens.

Strategy 6B:
Assure compliance with state mandates for service provision along with state regulatory requirements.

Strategy 6C:
Provide sufficient resources to recruit and retain qualified professional staff, keep training current and minimize the expense of turnover to insure efficient organizational infrastructure.

Strategy 6D:
Enhance fiscal planning for public dollars while leveraging available revenues to the fullest.

Strategy 6E:
Provide timely, accurate, transparent and informative communication to the public and across the organization with superior customer service delivery.