The Transylvania County Board of Elections is committed to conducting fair, honest, and impartial elections for the citizens of Transylvania County.

Our office is responsible for conducting all elections in Transylvania County, including special, municipal, county, state, and federal elections. Additionally, voter registration and maintenance of current and accurate voter records are core components of the Elections Office.


The Board is composed of five members. Four are appointed by the State Board of Elections and the chair is appointed by the Governor. The appointments are based upon nominations by the state chairs of the political parties. Two members are appointed from each of the two largest political parties. The Board elects one of its members as secretary. The Board employs a director and staff to manage the office and conduct elections. The Board also appoints precinct officials/poll workers based upon the recommendation of the county political parties, sets precinct lines, and conducts hearings on election protests or challenges to the qualifications of voters.

The final responsibility for the conduct of elections in North Carolina belongs to the State Board of Elections. The Transylvania County Board of Elections and the other 99 county boards register voters and conduct elections under the supervision and control of the State Board. The State Board of Elections consists of five members, appointed by the governor in May after the gubernatorial election from lists of nominees provided by the state chairs of the two largest political parties. The State Board is traditionally composed of three members from the governor's party and two from the other major party.

Board Members

  • Chair : Sara Champion
  • Secretary : Judith West
  • Member : Sandra Watson
  • Member : Wendy Warwick
  • Member : Nona Walker

Staff Members

  • Director: Jeff Storey
  • Deputy Director : Laura Owen
  • Deputy Director : Julie Dennis

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