The TAC is made up of citizen volunteers and interested community members and is supported by the Planning & Community Development Department.  Join Us!

Any citizen can apply to be appointed to the TAC which:

  • Reviews current road conditions, advising the County Board of Commissioners and the NC Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Participates in project prioritization of NC DOT projects in Transylvania County (Division 14).
  • Participates in the development of the County's Comprehensive Transportation Plan every five to ten years.
  • Considers alternate transportation projects including pedestrian, bicycling, and greenway trails.

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) meets the 1st Tuesday in January, April, July and October in the Transylvania County Commissioners Chambers in the County Administration Building at 7:00pm.

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    • August
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    • January 2016 NC DOT Division 14 Update
      • Construction on many bridges in Transylvania County has begun. 
      • Over 17 miles of roads in the County will be resurfaced using “hot mix” asphalt.  
      • Large projects include Caldwell Street, US 64W (project R2409C) between Rosman and Lake Toxaway Dam, and Wilson Road. 
        • The Caldwell Street project (U-5104) will likely begin in May 2016 after utilities are relocated.   
        • The US 64 W project (R2409C) should be underway in 2018.  The project specifies a 12 foot road with 8 foot grassed shoulders and the shoulders may be able to be paved to accommodate bicycles.  NC DOT will check to see if it is early enough in the project to allow for that change. 
        • The Wilson Road project has received funding and scoping has begun for the project.  The re-alignment of the road will improve site distance for the driveways and roads coming into Wilson Road.  Concerns and interests identified by the County in previous correspondence, include the need for guard rails along the river, extending the bridge on the northern end of the project to better accommodate flooding, increasing the travel lane for vehicles, straightening or realigning the curves, providing paved bike lanes or shoulders with rumble strips for bikes, improving the connection of Wilson Road and US 276, and realigning the intersection of Wilson Road with Ecusta Road.