Community Appearance Initiative

Transylvania County is a special place known for its scenic beauty and excellent quality of life. These features have led to steady increases in population as people move to the County to live, work and visit. Concerns about the appearance and effect of abandoned manufactured homes, junked or abandoned motor vehicles, junkyards, and junk in general have been expressed by County citizens. The concerns include possible adverse effects on adjacent property values, tourism, safety and health, and potential residential and business relocations.

Many citizens are also concerned about the protection of private property rights but are interested in finding ways to help improve the appearance of the County and to help remove accumulated but unwanted junk.

The Transylvania County Comprehensive Plan includes several goals and objectives related to this initiative: 1) Encourage the preservation of aesthetically and economically valuable views and green spaces (Goal 2, Objective 10); Promote the best use of land while protecting citizen’s property rights (Goal 7); Promote Best Management Practices for Corridors (Goal 7, Objective 2);

The goals of the Transylvania County Community Appearance Initiative (CAI) are:

  • Preserve and protect the natural beauty of Transylvania County
  • Preserve and protect property rights
  • Promote and protect the health and safety of citizens of Transylvania County.
  • Promote economic development while protecting individuals and businesses from burdensome regulations.

If you are interested in learning more information about this program please contact our office at [email protected].

Application for Program