This circa 1900 two-story brick building was one of the earliest brick commercial buildings in Brevard. The 1911 Sanborn Fire Insurance maps identify the south side of West Main from Broad St. to the alley as the Pickelsimer Block, indicating it was likely constructed by the Pickelsimers.


The building has been extremely altered.  The earliest exterior alteration was to change the entry, which originally opened onto West Main St., to a clipped corner entry.  In 1935 the interior was updated and a large window was added for light. Additional repairs to the exterior, along with stucco on the Broad St. side of the building was completed in 1939.  Vinyl siding was later added to the building.

For about 80 years various drug stores, including Duckworth Drug (1912-1919), Davis-Walker Drug Company (1919-1925), Davis-Long Drug Store (1925-1931), Long’s Drug Store (1931-1958) and Morris Pharmacy (1958-1981), were located on the main level of the building. The second floor served as offices.

In 1926 a new up-to-date Bishop & Babcock soda fountain was installed.  The Lippman refrigeration system allowed for six different temperatures, ranging from zero to forty-five degrees.

The building has been the home of O.P. Taylor’s which began as a general merchandise store in 1990 and transformed into a toy store.


More photos can be found at the Rowell Bosse North Carolina Room, Transylvania County Library.

Key Facts

Constructed By: Pickelsimer

Year: ca. 1900

Address: 16 South Broad Street

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