April 2024

Commissioners Meeting 4/22/24

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Meeting Details:

I. Call to Order
II. Welcome
III. Public Comment (15-minute time limit)
Sign up is required. Speakers will be limited to three minutes. The public comment period will close
when there are no more speakers, or the 15-minute limit is reached.
IV. Agenda Modifications
V. Consent Agenda
A. Approval of Minutes
B. March 2024 Discovery, Release, and Monthly Settlement Report
C. Out of State Travel Request - Public Health Workforce Development Director
D. Request Permission to Close Department of Social Services Office for Staff Retreat
E. Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office Request to Apply for Competitive Grants to NC
Sheriff’s Offices for Medication-Assisted Treatment in Jails
F. Public Health Request to Apply for Dogwood Health Trust Policy and Advocacy Grant
G. Acceptance of PSAP Cybersecurity Remediation Initiative Funds.
H. Prequalification Policy and Resolution
I. Proclamation - National Public Service Recognition
J. Joint Proclamation - Mental Health Month in Transylvania County
K. Proclamation - National Day of Prayer
L. Proclamation - Historic Preservation Month
M. Proclamation - Foster Care Awareness Month
N. Proclamation - Clerks to the Boards of County Commissioners Week
VI. Presentations/Recognitions
A. Monthly Capital Update
VII. Appointments
A. Agricultural Advisory Board
VIII. Old Business
A. Education Capital Work Group Project Budget
IX. New Business
A. FY 2024 3rd Quarter Budget Amendments
B. FY 2024 3rd Quarter Financial Summary
C. Approve Courthouse Architect Contract and Fee Schedule
D. Manager’s Report
X. Public Comment
Speakers will be limited to three minutes. The Chairman will limit the number of speakers speaking
on the same subject. No one individual will be permitted to repetitively speak on the same subject.
XI. Commissioners' Comments
XII. Closed Session
XIII. Adjournment