The Pickelsimer family was so influential in Brevard that there was an entire block with the Pickelsimer name, not just a building. The Pickelsimers had their fingers in many pots—local government, business, schools, and more. 

The “new Pickelsimer building,” as it was called in Brevard News, was an exciting venture for the town. Built in 1921, the Pickelsimer Building would join an elite group of buildings in Brevard, such as the McMinn Building and Aethelwold Hotel, that were stately, impressive, and essential to the town’s growth.


The first business in the Pickelsimer Building was Pisgah Banking, where J.H. Pickelsimer served as president. It opened on February 1, 1922. A “mystery clock” in the window of the bank which read “Time to start an account” was used to catch the eyes of passersby.” In 1920, there was talk of building a moving picture show in one of the three stores on the first story.  

Many businesses have been housed in the Pickelsimer Building throughout the years. Some include Galloway’s Cafe, Dixie-Home Stores, and Jones News Stand. As of 2017, current businesses located on the ground floor are Diamond Rush, Broad Street Wines, and Penny Lane Exchange.

Key Facts

Builder: unknown

Owner: J.H. Pickelsimer and C.W. Pickelsimer

Year: 1921

Architectural Style: unknown

Address: 24 & 30 South Broad Street, Brevard, NC 28712

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