Stacey graduated from Brevard High School in Brevard, NC.

She attended Mars Hill University and received a degree in Elementary Education.

She began her career in Early childhood in 1996. She served as a teacher with Asheville City Preschool

She was also Center Manager, Health/Dental Coordinator and Area Manager for Western Carolina Community Action.

She is also a CDA PD Specialist and an IT’S SIDS Trainer.

Q & A

Q: What are your job duties for Transylvania County?
To maintain a high-quality preschool for Transylvania County.

Q: What makes Transylvania County so special to you?
Transylvania County represents home to me and childhood memories.

Q: In which ways do you hope to improve Transylvania County? 
By continuing to help keep early Childhood at the forefront and promoting a diverse community.

Q: Do you have any favorite things that you like to do in Transylvania County? 
I enjoy hiking and spending time with family and friends.