As soon as Transylvania County was established in 1861, a courthouse was needed. This effort was delayed until 1866, the end of the Civil War, when a two-story frame courthouse was finished. Soon after, in 1874, the Board of County Commissioners approved $12,000 to construct a stately and impressive brick courthouse for the county seat, which still stands and operates today. Notably, it was the first brick building in Brevard, which demonstrated the county’s growth.courthouse-1.png

The Courthouse was used as a meeting hub, voting center, and place to debate the law. In 1921, an $80,000 jail was added to the rear. During that same year, the interior was remodeled for around $50,000. Improvements included steam heating, finished oak interiors, and a sizable courtroom. Local historian Marcy Thompson says, “As early as 1911 there was talk of a town clock in the tower. Money was raised by showing moving picture shows at the courthouse throughout the summer. Admission was 5¢ and 10¢. Little is known of this undertaking, but the clocks were not installed until 1984.”


The Transylvania County Courthouse continues its operation today as a courthouse and the Clerk of Court. In 1979, it was recognized for its local historical significance and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.




Builder: Thomas Davis

Owner: Transylvania County

Year: 1881

Architectural style: Second Empire

Address: 7 E Main Street, Brevard, NC 28712


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