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Effective Immediately, Transylvania County prohibits all open burning across Transylvania County, including within 100’ feet of an occupied dwelling in the interest of public safety.

To help prevent the potential for increased wildfires due to extremely dry weather and drought conditions in the County, the open burning ban is authorized by the Transylvania County Fire Marshal’s Office per N.C. Fire Code Section 307.

307.1.1 Prohibited open burning. Open burning shall be prohibited when atmospheric conditions, or local circumstances make such fire hazardous.

The local ban follows the burn ban implemented by the N.C Forest Service that went into effect on November 5, 2023, at 5pm cancelling all open burning and burning permits.

This includes burning leaves, branches and additional material used in recreational fires, bonfires, and outdoor fireplaces. In all cases it is illegal to burn trash, lumber, tires, plastics, and non-vegetative materials.
This does not apply to cooking fires, such as grills, BBQ’s and outdoor cookers.

The local ban will remain in effect until further notice. Local fire departments and law enforcement are assisting the N.C. Forest Service, and the Transylvania County Fire Marshal’s Office with enforcing the ban, which carries a fine plus court cost for the violation.

Questions about the local ban can be directed to the Transylvania County Fire Marshal’s Office by calling 828-884-3108 ext. 3.

Questions about the State Ban can be referenced at:

Scott Justus, Fire Marshal.