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Transylvania County Government is committed to protecting public trust by being a transparent and accountable organization. For this reason, any time there is suspected mishandling of the funds entrusted to our organization, administration will take immediate action to investigate and engage law enforcement as appropriate. Unfortunately, such a situation has arisen as a result of review of the operations of our Transportation Department involving staff no longer employed by Transylvania County. The issues that have been identified have been reported to the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office and the county is cooperating completely with state and federal investigators on this case. In order to support the investigation and assure that justice is served, staff will be unable to comment on any particulars regarding this case.

In the meantime, Transylvania County Transportation is under the highly qualified leadership of Interim Director Jonathan Griffin. Mr. Griffin has taken action to prevent any future issues and is developing recommendations to restructure and improve transportation services so that the mission to serve the public is attained. The transportation staff will continue to serve our citizens with the same high level of customer service our clients expect.

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