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Real Property Appraisers from the Transylvania County Tax Office will be reviewing properties throughout the county over the next 6 months in preparation for the 2021 Reappraisal.

Tax Office appraisers will be driving a marked county vehicle and will knock on your door to identify themselves before performing the review.  Tax Office appraisers will not ask to enter your home. Our appraisers will be conducting an exterior review of the property to ensure the building characteristics in our records are accurate.

Appraisers will be practicing social distancing in accordance with state guidelines.  If you are home, the appraiser will also ask a few questions to verify the interior features of the home.  If you are not home, or do not wish to come to the door, a notice will be left on the door notifying you of our visit.

Neighborhoods are chosen based on the last date visited.  The Tax Administration office strives to visit each neighborhood in the county within a 6-year window.