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After a Public Hearing on March 27, 2017, the Transylvania County Board of Commissioners formally adopted the 2025 Comprehensive Plan as the approved long-range guide for making development and policy decisions.

Adopted 2025 Transylvania County Comprehensive Plan

Appendix A: Definitions

Appendix B:  Comprehensive Plan Examples

Appendix C: Survey Report & Review

Appendix D: Community Meetings Report

Appendix E:  Success Matrix

Appendix F: Partners, Related Efforts & Other Resources

A comprehensive plan is a long-range guide (not a regulatory document) for making development and policy decisions based upon the growth preferences of the public and elected officials.  Development of the plan involves evaluating existing conditions, projecting growth patterns, identifying assets and needs to establish a vision for the County along with goals and strategies to realize the vision.  The plan considers seven basic planning elements.


Existing Conditions are taken into consideration when developing the plan.

Public Participation included advocacy meetings and citizen surveys.

2005 Comprehensive Plan - Recipient of the American Planning Association, North Carolina Chapter's Outstanding Planning Award for a Small Community