FY 21-22 Community Center Support Grant-

Transylvania County issues an annual call for funding based on funds adopted in the budget.  For FY 21-22, there are three grant programs associated with community center’s in the county: the Non-Competitive Connected Public Space Grant, the Competitive Public Health/Safety Grant, and the Competitive Project Grant.

FY 21-22 Community Center Support Application

FY 21-22 Community Center Support Policy and Procedure

Community Centers are Transylvania County's gems, owned and directed by their individual communities, they preserve their heritage and music, share meals, take care of their neighbors, and provide a wide variety of programs that create a shared sense of belonging and ultimately strengthen the social, cultural and economic vibrancy of each place. 

Many centers are also polling places and most are available for private rental hosting family reunions, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and other special days.

Click on the location markers on the map for more details. 


  1. Balsam Grove Community Center, 828.883.8011
  2. Cathey's Creek Community Center, 828.883.3557
  3. Cedar Mountain Community Center, 828.884.2555
  4. El Centro Comunitario Hispano-Americano of Transylvania County, 828.883.2900
  5. Dunn's Rock Community Center, 828.883.2678
  6. Estatoe Community Center, 828.577.2998
  7. Lake Toxaway Community Center, 828.966.4026
  8. Little River Community Center[email protected]
  9. Quebec Community Center, 828.862.4466
  10. See Off Homesteaders Community Center, 828.883.5673

Mary C. Jenkins Community Center Project, Brevard, NC, 828.883.8990