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Posted by Transylvania County on April 23, 2018

This page will be updated occasionally to provide additional information supplemental to the presentation made at the Board of County Commissioners meeting based on requests by citizens and/or resulting from communications with other governmental entities in the State of North Carolina.

The Education Funding Presentation was presented Monday, November 27, 2017 at the Transylvania County Commissioners meeting. Please refer to documentation below to review the presentation, see handouts and slides prepared for the Transylvania County Commissioners.

The following information was collected and presented to the Transylvania County Commissioners at their meeting on November 27th, 2017 as the culmination of a research process that evolved out of questions asked of Transylvania County officials related to the Board of County Commissioner's support for public education and spending on its own strategic priorities.

The following information below has been added as a response to additional questions Transylvania County officials have received pertaining to education funding in our community:

Individuals discussing the financing of local public schools in our community frequently make reference to reports created annually by the Public School Forum of North Carolina, a non-partisan advocacy and research group located in Raleigh, NC. Attached for interested parties is a copy of their 2018 report:

If you are curious about viewing local copies of the audits of governmental entities that play a role in the finances of Transylvania County Schools System, we have attached those audits for your review here so that you may view more detailed information if you so choose.

Transylvania County Government

Transylvania County Schools

In addition to looking at audited financial statements from local entities, some citizens have requested help locating reports on local (i.e. county government) spending on public school education in their respective communities.The North Carolina Department of State Treasurer publishes reports of audited information (such as the County government audited statements) in an abbreviated format. These can provide key statistics about the level of support these County governments are providing for their many functions.

On the first page of these reports you can see independently verified information for the many communities that have been discussed when comparing Transylvania County Schools against other schools systems.

  • "Public School Current" is the annual contribution from the relevant county government to the operating and personnel expenses for its local school unit.
  • "Public School Capital" is the annual funding level for building construction and renovation, furniture and technology and vehicles.

For ease of use, we have also compiled information from these reports into a single document. This report, in both pdf and excel format, allows you to view information for all reporting counties as well as a calculation on the right that tells what share local education spending is as a part of the local county budgets from 2017.